Our collections are appropriate and adequate for our readers' instructional and recreational needs, and for general reference and research.

The basic collections over the years have been checked after consultations of standard bibliographies, book reviews and publishers' notices.

Linkages with international publishers through friends and alumni abroad provide opportunities to keep abreast with current publications. Efforts are made to be updated with latest trends in teaching.

Book acquisition is done throughout the year, with the help of the dean, the Faculty, and the Library Advisory Committee. At times, the instructor of the course is asked to review or evaluate an "examination" copy of a new edition before it is adopted as basic text.


A Vertical File collection of clippings on controversial and current issues is in the Reading Section to supplement the book collections of teacher's references. These clippings are borrowed at the Circulation Desk.

Current issues of magazines and journals are displayed on the magazine racks. Students and teachers are free to browse and read them.


These are the materials which are not dependent on the printed words to transmit meaning. They may take the form of motion picture on films or magnetic storage devices, (video tapes); audio information on magnetic tapes or pressed into vinyl discs, computer generated data; and many other formats.